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The first thing that I noticed when taking my Adventurebilt out of the box was the quality of the beaver felt. This hat must be touched and handled to be truly appreciated. It is extremely smooth and light to the touch. The color is a very rich, deep, true brown. You can see the quality from across the room.

I have shaped all of my hats myself. This felt is by far superior to work with. It is very pliable and responds well to a little coaxing with the fingers. The brim also responds to whatever bending and shaping that is applied. The crown is straight sided making it easy to achieve that one of a kind Raiders look.

Having wanted a Raiders of the Lost Ark fedora for many years, I now know that I have found the hat. To me, the block is dead on, the felt is easy to work with, and the finished product is screen accurate. If you have been searching for the perfect Raiders, as I have, or just want a nice, high quality dress hat, Adventurebilt is the way to go.
Keith Padgett
Prairie Village, Kansas
United States