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I've wanted to write a review on my Adventurebilt ever since I received it over a year ago. But since durability is one of the major factors in considering the purchase of an AB, I decided to wait until now to let you know how it's held up through a lot of use and even abuse.Growing up on a small family farm and ranch in Nebraska, I've worn hats all my life. Although I wore a lot of cowboy hats, I always wanted Indiana Jones' hat. Indy's hat was both a work hat and a professor's dress hat. I'm very grateful that Steve managed to get my hat to me just in time for my first archaeological dig:

For me, the Crystal Skull Adventurebilt seems to have the best blend of the best elements of the Raiders fedora (the block and the rough & tumble aspect of Indy's fedora), the TOD bridge fedora (something about the front of the hat between the ribbon and loose pinch), and the LC Venice pier fedora (the pinch and the classy look) while also being its own hat. The CS just works for my looks. It has that great "adventure" look for out in the field and traveling:

It also has that classy professor look which works when I lecture and go to academic conferences, and it works great for everyday wear, too.

As for durability, I have worn this hat every day since receiving it in July 2008. I've worn it in both the desert and in rain and snow. I've worn it on my folks' farm when riding horses, and I've worn it to international conferences. I've worn and scraped it through Hezekiah's water tunnel underneath Jerusalem. And I've worn it for several days on an archaeological excavation this year in the midst of digging, pickaxing, carrying large stones, etc. Despite 6 weeks of 2 different archaeological digs,daily wear through all sorts of conditions, and many travels throughout the country and the world, this hat just gets better and better with time:

This is the hat I've been looking for. This is the combination of the work and dress hat this Nebraska cowboy never found growing up. This is the sturdy hat which I can take with me through tunnels and digs, through deserts and snow, and can brush off for on campus, at church, and mingling with other scholars. This is the classy-working-traveling hat I need and trust that with care will last me throughout my career. Thanks, Steve, for making real the hat we've all seen only in a fictional movie.
Lucas S
Claremont, California
United States