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The Adventurebilt fedora is one of the finest I have ever owned. Sturdy and durable, yet soft to the touch, this hat will accompany you where ever your adventures may take you. Steve "Fedora" Delk's craftmanship and customer service are second to none, at a price that just can't be beat with a stick. It has the best "look" of any fedora that I have ever owned, bar none.

Whether you have to blast your way out of a bad situation, guns blazing, bad guys closing in on every angle, or just accent a nice coat and tie at a special event, the Adventurebilt is your hat. You'll look good from the Mayan jungles to the dinner table.

I would highly recommend Steve's hats to anyone looking to complete their quest for a fine Indiana Jones style fedora, or just a great looking fedora in general.
Tuck Davion
San Diego, California
United States